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Guarantee Escrow

Guarantee Escrow

The Guarantee Escrow consists of the transfer of personal property, real estate or rights by the Trustor, transferring its property to a Trust, in which the Trustee is entrusted with the performance of a specific purpose and destination of such property, that is, to grant a Fiduciary Guarantee, with respect to its obligations to one or more individuals or legal entities.


How is the guarantee escrow used in business?


All businesses involve risks, the Guarantee Trust minimizes them since by its nature it gives legal certainty to the parties and being of strict application by an authorized and supervised Trust Institution, it gives peace of mind that the things that were instructed will happen. The Guarantee Escrow is such a versatile legal-financial instrument that it adapts to the business needs of each client, whether it is to simply build a house, make a purchase and sale, guarantee the delivery of an inheritance or to make the most complex of businesses.

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