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Our Company

Zion Administradora de Fondos y Fideicomisos S.A. is a specialized company legally registered in the public registry of the Stock Market with the purpose of providing fiduciary services, which includes the administration of funds, trusts and securitization processes in Ecuador. Our professional experience, knowledge about capital markets and the relationship with our investor clients make Zion the best alternative when deciding who should efficiently manage your assets.

Our Values

Your well being with Zion is our commitment.

  • The interests of our customers always come first. Our experience teaches us that if we serve our customers well, our own success will follow.
  • We will manage your investments prudently, with a long-term perspective and the goal of outperforming our competitors.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and moral values and behavior with great responsibility.
  • We will provide outstanding customer service by seriously and efficiently addressing your investment objectives.
  • Communicate honestly and clearly with you.


To offer fiduciary services that promote savings, contribute positively to the performance and economic development of our clients.


To be recognized as the most outstanding fund and trust administrator in Ecuador, with respect to the responsible administration of its assets, promoting sustainable development.

Corporate Governance

Our principle as responsible stewards is to establish solid codes and guidelines. Integrity is a fundamental basis for those of us at Zion. Integrity means doing the right thing. The Code of Ethics and Conduct will help guide us. The Code defines how employees should conduct themselves as representatives of Zion. The Code is about our responsibilities to the company, to each other and to customers.

Social Responsibility

Active participation in our community is an important value for Zion Administradora de Fondos y Fideicomisos S.A.. We have a permanent and long-term commitment to building a society that offers greater and better opportunities for all Ecuadorians. This is a fundamental point when we examine our performance as a company.

Children’s Rights

Guaranteeing quality education is one of the best ways to protect Ecuadorian children from abuse, exploitation, child labor and mistreatment. With this perspective, we have proposed to sponsor foundations that are oriented to the constant development and help of children in the country.

More about us!

We will soon celebrate 10 years in the Ecuadorian market, providing fiduciary services with security and confidence to all our beneficiaries, giving them ample growth in their investment funds.

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